What questions should i ask in a product review?

What do your customers want? Use this question to determine why people have turned to your product and what their expectations are. Video testimonials increase conversions through social proof. Here are 18 initial questions about video reviews to ensure that customer feedback is relevant to future potential customers. To help you get started, we've put together 18 of the best questions so that customers can turn a good video testimonial into a great one.

According to Forbes findings, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it on video, compared to 10% when they read it in text. Asking reviewers to summarize their experience with a few select adjectives maximizes viewer retention and is simply more fun, easier to digest, and engaging than a long answer. Listen to the most downloaded podcast on B2B sales in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic was tough for most companies; many suffered financial losses.

How easy was it for you to work with during this difficult time? By encouraging your customers to share, you'll show potential customers how you care for your customers in difficult times. While COVID-19 was difficult for companies in general, working remotely was difficult for teams, both on a group and individual level. Continuing to work efficiently was a challenge that many of us considered insurmountable at first. It encourages the reviewer to talk more passionately about your product or service and makes potential customers feel like they're listening to a trusted colleague instead of an advertisement.

If the reviewer found out about you through your company's advertising and had a positive experience with your product or service, this shows that your value propositions are as good as you say. These are the top 10 product survey and interview questions to gather customer feedback and measure customer opinion of your product. It makes your current customers think about how your product has been adjusted to their needs and helps potential customers identify the need for your product. Great product managers avoid failed products and anticipate changes in attitude by actively engaging their target audience in an honest debate.

Product surveys can be used to understand the needs and desires of customers and to gather feedback on the design, function, and market adaptation of the product. Potential customers often compare competitors' products, and this question will make it very clear to potential customers what the X factor of your product or service is. When product managers know what their customers want by receiving their feedback, they can prevent products from failing. A product survey is a tool that companies use to gather feedback from customers and potential customers about products.

The more people who answer “Very disappointed”, the stickier your product will be and the closer you will be to meeting customer needs and making the product experience a long-term success. The general idea is that you wouldn't recommend a product or service that you don't like to a friend or colleague, so it's a faithful sample of what the customer thinks about the product compiled through Delighted's NPS software.

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