What is the best way to find reliable product reviews?

To give just one example, for an article on robotic vacuum cleaners, this self-review section was more than 3,200 words long. What's more, that doesn't even include the actual product review. As a result, the average consumer probably won't have the time or the desire to read the entire discussion about a product. The Consumer Reports test center employs scientists, researchers and analysts to carry out objective tests at its facilities.

The formula they use varies depending on the product. Once its experts have completed the tests, the company's editorial staff writes and publishes the findings. Since Consumer Reports has no external agenda other than to work directly to educate consumers, it has strict policies that ensure that the company remains independent. The main disadvantage of using Consumer Reports is its membership fee, so we only give it a 4.5 star rating.

Healthy Top 10s is a small team of women led by Samantha Brown who come together to write about health, beauty and makeup. They're covering A LOT of things and Samantha says that “this is just the beginning, as they continue to address their current topics in more depth and expand more. Not only do they offer great tricks, such as “How to clean your comb or hairbrush”, but they also spend a lot of time testing the products. Samantha and her team highlight the product rating by rating it out of 5 and with some beautiful stars, which are usually placed in a well-formatted table.

In general, they will highlight the 3 best products evaluated (usually 5 to 1 depending on the target audience and their experience), making it easier for anyone to get great buying advice. It may be the enormous volume of consumer contributions that elevates Amazon to be one of the best sites for product reviews. In other words, writers have plenty of creative leeway to convince readers of the effectiveness of the product and how they became experts in that product. While browsing the Internet to find the products you need can be time consuming, deciding what type of product to buy is another huge task, especially if you have no experience.

Viewpoints (together with Good Housekeeping) maintains its position among the best product review sites for household items. This leads you, together with the reviewer, to discover the qualities and defects of the products that interest you. We commend Consumer Reports for moving from being a physical publication to one of the best product review sites.

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