How do i know if an amazon review is accurate?

The Review42 site reports that more than half of user reviews are five stars and very few people leave two or three stars. It's hard enough to believe that there are so many perfect consumer products on Amazon without this strange gap in overall ratings. In addition, a rating is the way in which a company can inflate its numbers with the least effort. Mihir Patkar has been writing about technology and productivity for more than 14 years in some of the world's leading media.

He has an academic background in journalism. It gives a score of 10 and highlights the language of the review for specific aspects of a product (reliability, battery life, etc.) If your report is accepted, Amazon will delete that product review and prevent others from falling into the trap. Sellers always tell the reviewer to leave a 5-star rating or a first-time rating, depending on whether they want a positive or negative review. And if the seller is only interested in getting a quick 5-star rating and doesn't incentivize the reviewer too much, they'll leave a fake review that's very brief and generic.

Even if the way in which the review was obtained is indicated on the product pages, several aspects of the purchase process are not taken into account as part of these programs. Some more advanced reviewers can dig into the details, but in the end they won't add more information that isn't available in the product description. There's also the Amazon Vine program, which invites the platform's most insightful critics to try free products and give their opinion. Offers may include a commission from the manufacturer to purchase the products, so that the false review receives a verified purchase label.

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