How can i tell if a product review is reliable?

Check if the reviewer is legitimate. One way to determine the authenticity of a review is to check who wrote it. Take some time to verify the information on the Facebook, Twitter, or review website (if available) profile information. If the reviewer doesn't use specific examples, doesn't seem to be very well informed about what they bought, and doesn't say how they used it or what the customer's actual experience was, the review could be false.

However, on some websites, you'll see a label or badge next to the review that indicates that the author received an incentive. About eight out of ten consumers believe that they may have read a fake review last year, and the same number indicates that they aren't sure if they know how to spot a fake review. For example, if you're reading a review about a modem and you see “explosive” or “robust” wireless data transmission, the review probably isn't authentic. Their research showed that 24 of the same people who left a review for Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis also left a review for the same garage door company in Las Vegas, the same wine distributor in Portugal and the same locksmith in England.

Often referred to as “astroturfing” reviews, this is the practice of preparing or disseminating a false review that a reasonable consumer would believe to be a neutral testimony from a third party. While there are many customers who use and review the products for free immediately after their release date, this is far from normal. If you suspect that a review is false, be sure to contact the review site's administrators or support staff to start a more detailed investigation.

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